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BlackSmith Supplies – Wood Fired Forge

Most blacksmiths have access to plenty of wood which can be used in blacksmithing.  If you do not have access to coal and do not want to pay for coal when blacksmithing, using a wood fired forge is the best option.  Here is a good video of a wood fired(charcoal) forge, the MINI Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge, which can do anything you can do with a coal or gas forge including welding.

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Blacksmith Supplies – Kaowool for your Gas Forge

If you plan to build your own gas forge for blacksmithing, you should insulate the forge with an insulator such as Kaowool.  This product has the ability to resist extremely high temperatures and can protect you from burning yourself if you accidentally touched on the forge.  A short demonstration of the heat resistance of Kaowool can be found at:

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Blacksmith Supplies – Blacksmith Forge

A blacksmith forge is the most important of the blacksmith supplies.  All blacksmiths have a forge or hearth which is needed to heat the metal to a malleable temperature  in order to shape it.  Without a forge you cannot shape metal.  Many blacksmiths create their own forges with the supplies they have lying around in their shop.  Forges can be made out of anything from old barbecue grills to old tire rims or brake drums. You can certainly buy a forge but they can be quite expensive.

There are various fuels that can be used for a forge including bituminous coal, coke, charcoal, oil and gas (propane).  Many blacksmiths still use coal but coal is not a clean burning fuel such as propane.  In addition to the forge you will need an air blower and tuyere in order to increase the temperature of the fire so the metal can reach a malleable temperature which is usually around 1300 to 1600 Fahrenheit for tool steel.

Here is a great video on how you can create your own blacksmith forge:

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