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Blacksmith Supplies – Blacksmithing Books

In the past, many people who became blacksmiths first started as an apprentice.  Those new to blacksmithing may not have a role model to follow and learn from today.  With the internet there is plenty of knowledge out there to learn how to be a blacksmith, what blacksmith supplies you need, and techniques to shape metal.  Although the internet is a great resource , including websites dedicated to blacksmithing, its always good to have a resource that has everything at the tip of your fingers.  In other words, a good blacksmithing book is very helpful when starting out in the world of blacksmithing.  A very good book for a new blacksmith is the The Backyard Blacksmith: Traditional Techniques for the Modern Smithblacksmith

Its full of good information from an experienced blacksmith and will guide you in how to correctly forge and shape metal into anything that you want.

Here is a video of the author, Lorelei Sims, teaching some blacksmith techniques.  Not sure the reason why the video is compiled the way it is but the info from Lorelei Sims is good.

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